When in the workplace, be careful with what you say. Even one-liners can get you into hot water. When you are unsure what to say, say nothing.

Here is a list of one-liners to avoid:

  1. I was unsure of the due date
  2. How was I supposed to know?
  3. This is only the third time this month I’ve been late
  4. I decided to avoid the customer because he was rude
  5. Look … the project failed, but I did my part
  6. We finished the work on time but the quality is just so-so
  7. I decided not to attend the sales event because it was raining too hard, and I forgot my umbrella
  8. The IT people told me that stuff I was doing on Facebook probably led to the virus infection on my computer
  9. I am neither accountable nor responsible
  10. I decided that working late is cutting into some of my personal time
  11. Working in teams is counterproductive because other opinions bother me
  12. Having to report to others is a waste of time
  13. Self-development is overrated
  14. I think 90-minute lunch breaks should be adopted here
  15. There is nothing wrong with resistance to change – one less thing to worry about
  16. I start getting tired around 10 am
  17. We need to limit the number of customers who call for new orders
  18. I am uncomfortable around people
  19. I’m okay with meetings, but let’s avoid the action items
  20. I only like to work with people who think like me
  21. Let’s focus on workarounds, and stop worrying about resolving the root causes
  22. Being rude is just the way I am – sorry!
  23. Even when I am wrong, I tend to be right
  24. I showed up to work on Saturday still feeling the effects of the vodka from the night before
  25. When in doubt, I make assumptions
  26. Avoid asking me to do any work beyond what I was hired to do
  27. Most of the managers I’ve had over the years demand too much from me
  28. My saying: “Do unto others before they do unto me
  29. My approach is to work hard for a few hours each day, and coast the rest of the way
  30. People should know that I say insulting things when I am depressed, angry, or both

While some of these one-liners are funny, I’ve heard most of them at some point. If you are unhappy where you work, many of these thoughts might come to your mind.

Find a career that interests you. It all starts with you. You must determine your skills, knowledge, and passion. With that in mind, search for the right opportunity.