Dr. Jimmie Flores

Month: September 2020

She Said: “I have to tell you … I’m good at what I do!”

This week I would like to share a story with you that I know to be true. Why do I say that? I heard it myself.

The Cleaning Lady Demanded the Dirtiest Rooms

Recently, I was working on a huge project that was consuming so much of my time and energy. In fact, for a week or so, I talked myself out of starting it!

I knew it was going to be tough! I didn’t even know how to plan it. There were many moving parts, and I would need help from subject matter experts (SMEs). I noticed that the more days I failed to start, the more anxiety it caused in me. I tried to focus on other work, some of it pressing, but in the back of my mind, I knew if I did not start the project, no one else would.

Powerful Life Skills from a Poker Legend Who Died

I was recently surfing the web and a headline grabbed my attention: “Mike Sexton Recalled as Poker’s Great Ambassador.” The word “ambassador” piqued my interest.

Wow! How can someone earn the title of “ambassador” for an entire sport! For anything!

What Does Your Inner Saboteur Look Like?

I once took a Co-Active Coaching class, and one of our exercises related to identifying and defining our inner saboteurs. For the sake of clarity, these saboteurs are defined as invisible inhabitants of our mind that often restrict or limit what we do.

These same saboteurs were helpful to us as children, as they guarded us from physical and emotion harm. However, as we mature, we can make up our own minds and no longer need them. But they are happy to stick around … all the time!

In fact, for many of us, they impact our actions and inactions daily, even to the point where we ask them for guidance and perhaps even approval.

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