Dr. Jimmie Flores

Month: April 2021

Think About the Options and Not the Problems

As I prepared to teach a university class, I watched a Ted Talk pertaining to innovative marketing skills, and the speaker made an interesting comment I wanted to share with you … 

For Her … Comfortable Meant Time to Go!

I was recently catching up on a few news stories, and one relating to a journalist, who was leaving her position after more than a decade of work, caught my attention.

When asked why she was departing her job of nearly 14 years, she responded, “I was getting too comfortable in the work, so this told me it was time to go!”

It’s Important to Remember the Darkness that Precedes the Light

During a recent men’s bible study session, a friend shared a statement that resonated with me:

For me … it’s important to remember that there was darkness before the light came through.”

It was profound and impactful, especially when I consider the many ways it applies to my life.

Loyal Employee Leaves After 20 Years

During my recent dental appointment, I learned that Jenny, the office manager at my dentist’s office, was planning to leave after working with Dr. Suarez for 20 years. In fact, Jenny was the first hire, and she started as a dental assistant. She dedicated herself to the clinic’s success and gained experience in every position, eventually assuming the role of running all aspects of the clinic.

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