Dr. Jimmie Flores

Month: September 2022

Change It or Repeat It

My wife and I are leading a LOVESTRONG Marriage retreat at St. Matthew’s Catholic Church here in San Antonio. Our Spiritual Mentor, Ms. Tina Guerra, recently made a comment that resonated with me.

When discussing a topic related to problematic actions and behaviors in a marriage, she said … “We have the option to change them or repeat them.”

Honesty Can Backfire

On a recent business trip, I connected through Houston Bush. The flight from San Antonio departed 90 minutes late, so I would have only 15 minutes to make it to Terminal B, which is a long way from A.

Upon making it to the gate, I waited patiently for the seatbelt sign to turn off, and then I bolted out of my seat. In just a few minutes, I was sprinting to my gate. I was told it would take 15 minutes, but I was there in 10, which meant I was technically on time.

The gate agents were not going for it. “No sir. We close the gates 10 minutes before the flight.” I’ve flown enough to know that gates are not always closed 10 minutes before all flights, but there was no time for a discussion. I needed to rebook.

Entitled to Choices

Now that our daughter Helena is on the dance team at Antonian Prep High School, I am doing more driving. For me, this means I need to download more audiobooks so I can stay entertained along the way.

I just completed a book based on the true story of a young lady who suffered abuse for many years. Her story resonated with me because despite having nearly everything against her, she is still holding herself accountable for the future.

Kindness is an Underrated Superpower

I was recently watching a program on TV, and I heard someone make the following statement:

You know … there is no doubt in my mind that kindness is the most underrated superpower.”

In the dictionary, kindness is defined in this way …

It is the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.”

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