Dr. Jimmie Flores

Month: July 2021

He Said: “Trying meant getting drunk … Doing Meant Sobriety.”

On a recent flight from Chicago to my home in San Antonio, I sat next a gentleman in his late 40s. I landed a first-class seat because of flying United Airlines frequently.

When the flight attendant asked for our drinks, I ordered a white wine, while the man next to me was happy with an iced water. After a few minutes, he and I struck-up a conversation, and I jokingly asked why he decided against an alcoholic drink.

Connecting vs. Protecting

While preparing for a class, I watched a TED Talk on idea generation, and there were many innovative points shared by the presenter.

Chaos Creates Ideas

At one point during the talk, the speaker noted that the business community prefers protection over connection. For example, when a new idea or technology is created, there is a rush to the patent office.

We must protect what we created!

Getting Out of Level 1 Listening

I recently completed the requirements to earn the Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) credential, and this learning experience taught me the value of becoming a better listener.
For as long as I can remember, I have been a Level 1 listener, which means I’m mostly concerned about my own thoughts and agenda. When the other person is speaking, I’m ready for them to finish so I can share what I am thinking.

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