Kool Derby

Image Courtesy – www.entrepreneur.com

We’ve all had the “Jet Blue” feeling! If you have not read the Steven Slater story about getting fed up with an unruly passenger, I think you should take the time to see the chronology of events. While I do not condone the approach Slater took, namely deploying the emergency chute with which he could have killed someone, I do think that many people have merely lingered around in their current jobs hoping that something would change. To his credit, Slater took action, and even remembered to slide down the chute with a couple beers! That is quick thinking!

Until you decide to make the change, you can expect everything to stay the same. Well, not exactly. You will receive raises and perhaps even promotions, but that might not be enough for some of you.

JOB = Just Over Broke

I am not sure where I heard the acronym of JOB translating to Just Over Broke, but it did resonate with me. The point here is that many of you backed-in into your jobs. You began with an hourly rate that you did not particularly like, but you didn’t care because you were in it for the short-term. Before long, though, you received a raise and incurred debt that you could only afford with the upgraded salary.

The money has kept improving over the years, and you are still working at a company that you never liked, but you are used to the paycheck every two weeks. It’s not great money, but it beats being unemployed. Does it?

Comfort Zone Paralysis

When in your comfort zone, you close off opportunities around you. You want something better, and you know that you have the skill and ability to earn significantly more, but you are paralyzed by the fear of losing what you have. In fact, you no longer define yourself. Instead, the work you do at your current job defines you.

For example, “my name is Rob Dante, and I am a Product Development Analyst at Go Media, Inc.” Earlier in your life, before Go Media, Inc., you had a plan for yourself. You were Rob Dante, and you had personal and professional goals. In other words, you were in control. However, after accepting the job offer at Go Media, someone else decided your goals. You now receive a compensation structure from an employer who largely controls the work you do, and the amount of money you are paid. In fact, the employer can map your compensation structure out 20 years. You don’t even have to think anymore.

Making a Change

Launching a business is not for everyone. However, I do think that more people need to consider the opportunity. A mediocre salary can only do so much for you and your family. For those of you who venture out and start a business, the earning potential is only part of the equation. The real reason lies in having the freedom to use your skills and abilities to the maximum. When you are accountable, you will exceed expectations, and that extra effort generates both a bigger income and a tremendous sense of accomplishment.

Steven Slater did it style. You don’t have to be that bold. Just do it!