Dr. Jimmie Flores

Month: May 2022

Train to the Point of Failure

For the past year or so, our teenage daughter, Helena, has been preparing for the dance team tryouts at Antonian College Prep High School here in San Antonio. In fact, she has participated in dance since she was in kindergarten.
However, the pressure mounted recently because she was adamant about making the varsity dance team as a freshman. As parents, we wanted her to attain her goal, but we also wanted to prepare her for the possibility of falling short.

Stop Putting on a Show … Just Win the Game

While on a flight for a business trip, I watched a sports documentary about an LA-based community college men’s basketball team. The Netflix program, Last Chance U, provides an interesting perspective regarding the challenges faced by players who are aspiring to reach a higher level in collegiate sports.

The Chaos Has a Limit

Over the years, I’ve heard many people, especially business leaders, state that many of the decisions they make are based on a “gut-feeling.” In other words, the decisions they render are emotionally driven.
It makes sense that decisions are impacted by strong feelings, especially when we are confronted with a difficult situation.
However, without a solid plan and appropriate guidance, impromptu decision-making will quickly spiral into chaos, and there is a limit to how much disorder our businesses and lives can handle.

Ready But Not Prepared

I had a few topics in mind for this week’s blog, but during mass today at Holy Spirit Catholic Church, Fr. Antonio shared a story that resonated with me.

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