Dr. Jimmie Flores

Month: February 2021

Progress Over Perfection

As kids, we often hear the phrase, “practice makes perfect,” from our parents and teachers. It’s almost as if we are failing to accomplish anything unless it’s done perfectly, without any mistakes or defects.

Yet … seeking to be perfect can be counterproductive. We want to be good at what we do. In fact, we want to be damn good, but if “good” is defined as errorless, one can expect to fail nearly all the time.

Eliminate the Deadwood

While watching a financial news program, an analyst mentioned that for capitalism to prosper during the Covid pandemic it is critical to eliminate the deadwood. He went on to say America’s short- and long-term success depends on helping business startups gain traction and to do whatever is necessary to help them grown exponentially.

Controlled Chaos is Good

As I reflect on the many ups-and-downs over my business career, it’s clear when I followed the expected rules, very few positive results ensued.

In other words, a status quo approach to life yields, well, status quo outcomes.

What Climate Do You Create?

I’m often intrigued when I hear the following comments about people: 

  • You know, Janet makes a huge positive difference when she is in the room.”
  • We miss Phil … he brings so much energy to our team.”
  • There’s something so powerful about Sara’s presence.”
  • “I agree that Pablo commands attention, and people want to follow him.”

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