Dr. Jimmie Flores

Month: October 2022

For a Marriage to Happen, a Death Must Happen

During a LOVESTRONG Marriage retreat, Fr. Eric of St. Matthew’s Catholic Church shared a terrific talk related to the Sacrament of Marriage to more than 70 couples in attendance.

One point he made that hit home with me was the following: “For a marriage to happen, we must first experience a death.

I was captivated because I did not know where he was going with the story.

But it quickly made sense when he stated the following …

The death that must happen is that of the ego we bring to the marriage.”

Haunted House Express Experience

A few weeks ago, my wife and I purchased two tickets to a Holy Spirit Knights of Columbus dinner and wine event scheduled for a Saturday night in mid-October. This event serves a great purpose, as all the proceeds help other ministries, charities, and even provide scholarships.

After buying the tickets online, I realized this was going to be the last weekend in October we could spend as a family, as my wife and I are leading the LOVESTRONG Marriage retreat at St. Matthew’s Catholic Church, and the next day she is heading to Venezuela to visit her parents.

Anger is a Choice

Recently, I participated in a parish-sponsored session where the speaker made a comment that resonated with me.

He said, “Anger is a choice.”

I immediately wrote it down and thought to myself that I now had a new way to handle a situation where anger might be an option. I figured this lesson had now prepared me for all situations related to losing my cool.

I was wrong.

Free from Fear

This past Saturday, I attended the Holy Spirit That Man Is You (TMIY) meeting bright and early at 6:15 a.m. It is easy to see the Holy Spirit working as 48 men attended the 90-minute session.

The video presentation caught my attention when the speaker said, “You know … Mother Teresa is a clear example of how pure love can drive out fear.”

There is a powerful message here, and it’s not that tough to grasp. Most of us know we will reach greater heights and happiness by sharing love and not hatred. 

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