Dr. Jimmie Flores

Month: December 2022

Chasing Me Down

A few days ago, I was driving home after a work conference, and I was about a block from the house.

I was in a rush because I had a 6:30 Zoom call with students. Without any delays, I would be able to park my car, run into the house, and get to my home office just in time for the call.

However, as I drove down the street to my house, a neighbor was taking his time backing up his huge white F150. There were several cars in the driveway, which meant he needed to get the perfect alignment.

The Time Is Now

While traveling to San Jose, Costa Rica, I decided to attend the Saturday Mass at San Rafael Arcángel Catholic Church. I was flying home on Sunday, which would make it difficult to arrive in San Antonio on time for church, so the Saturday option worked out great.

Fr. Henry had a terrific homily focused on accepting God. He mentioned that it did not matter why we had turned our backs to God in the past. He was clear we all had a chance on this day to make the right choice.

He said, “The time is now!”

Work Through the Mess

When speaking to a friend from church recently, our discussion turned toward relationships. In her full-time work as a Spiritual Director, she mentioned that marriages are beautiful both in the beginning and in the end. However, she said … “The middle can be messy!”

As we continued our conversation, she made a comment that resonated with me even outside of marriage: “The key is working through the mess.”

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