Dr. Jimmie Flores

Month: July 2022

Make the Routine Exceptional

This blog idea came to me while observing two flight attendants who took their work seriously.

Since I began writing this blog several years ago, I find that I am more in tune with what happens around me.

I am not purposely seeking ideas, but the fact that I am journaling events which happen in my life prompts me to have an acute awareness of my environment. This is a benefit because, for many years, I trudged through life unaware of the nuances that permeated it. Many of these were quite important, such as when someone was trying to offer advice or when a friend was seeking comfort.

10,000 Hours of Practice

I recently taught a seminar to international students, and one of the students who approached me afterwards was a native Indian, whose parents moved the family to England when he was a child. Onkar thanked me for the seminar, and we carried a short casual conversation.

It was near lunch time, so he and I decided to walk together to the cafeteria. This gave us a wonderful opportunity to learn more about each other.

Acceptance is Not the End Game

Our family decided to spend the July 4th weekend in Houston, and we usually plan this trip to the Space City when the Astros are in town. We decided to attend a Friday night game because our ticket came with a fireworks show afterwards.

Dominican-born Cristian Javier pitched a terrific game for the Astros, allowing just a couple of hits, and we won the game over the LA Angels by a score of 8-1. My wife, Dulce, and I met in Houston back in the 90s, and they have become our favorite team. Dulce is from Venezuela, and the Astros have All-Star Jose Altuve on their club, a dynamic player from the same South American country.

Remembering Uvalde, My Hometown

In 1968, I was born in a quiet South Texas town. When anyone asks me where I was from, I quickly respond, “Uvalde, Texas.”

I am proud to call Uvalde my home.

Uvalde is now front-and-center because of the senseless school shooting that took the lives of so many children and some of the wonderful teachers who tried to protect them. It all happened at Robb Elementary, a school that was only a couple of blocks from our house on Evans Street.

Robb is also where I attended school.

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