Dr. Jimmie Flores

Month: November 2021

A Life of Many Thanks

As I thought about the article for this week, I had many ideas I wanted to share with you. However, given this is Thanksgiving week, I want to focus on what is most important to me … faith and family.

Zane the Young Salesman

My wife and I recently spent a weekend in San Pedro, Belize, and it was a wonderful opportunity to get away from the big city and the many demands of everyday life.
Because of the Covid safety requirements, international air travel is somewhat difficult. Although we are both fully vaccinated, the Belize government still requires a negative Covid test to enter the country. The same holds true for re-entry into the United States.

What You Own Might Someday Own You

I attended a men’s faith group recently and had a good discussion with a friend prior to the start of the meeting. As is often the case, I learn so much wisdom from others simply by listening.
Dwight came over to a table where I was sitting alone, and we started the conversation with pleasantries. Knowing that he owns a business, I inquired how work was coming along.

Problem People Remind Us that It’s Time to Grow

Recently, I attended a business meeting where one of the participants, Richard, was very disruptive. He is the type of person who wants to dominate every situation. He likes to talk so he can hear his wonderful wisdom shared with others.
I think you know the type of person I’m describing … arrogant and self-centered. 

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