20 Free PMP Questions With Answers & Explanation by Kool Derby.


– Q#1 Which of the following is NOT true of obtaining project plan approval?

(a)    Before changes are implemented, the change control board (CCB) must review
(b)    Change control process helps reduce scope creep
(c)    Engaging the project team members regarding changes improves buy-in
(d)    The project manager has the sole responsibility to approve changes that are incorporated into the project management plan

Q#1 Explanation:

Answer : D
The project manager provides input to changes, but is NOT the sole authority. Stakeholder input and following the Perform Integrated Change Control process is essential to effective project management.



– Q#2 A consultant was hired by a multinational company to perform a quality audit on an industrial design project. The consultant was asked to identify nonconformities, gaps, and shortcomings.

What process is the consultant performing?

(a)    Plan Quality Management
(b)    Perform Quality Assurance
(c)    Control Quality
(d)    Monitor and Controlling

Q#2 Explanation:

Answer : B
The consultant is performing a quality audit, which takes place in the Perform Quality Assurance process as part of executing the project.



– Q#3 Several team members working on a software design project are concerned about their roles and responsibilities. To provide clarity regarding the respective assignments, the project manager may use the following tool:

(a)    RACI matrix
(b)    Pareto chart
(c)    Resource histogram
(d)    Text chart

Q#3 Explanation:

Answer : A
The RACI (responsible, accountable, consult, and inform) matrix is used to indicate the roles and responsibilities of team members. To avoid confusion, not more than one person should be accountable for a particular activity.



– Q#4 Eighteen months into a 24-month plant closure project, the project team realizes that poor schedule planning will result in a delay of at least four months. As it turns out, additional work effort was needed to get approval from local government officials.

Aware of the situation, the project manager received approval to update the scope statement, which increased the schedule by the noted period.

What step should the project manager take next?

(a)    Keep the doing the work as normal
(b)    Review historical information to determine the root cause of the problem
(c)    Update the scope and schedule baselines to reflect the approved change
(d)    Update the project charter to include the detailed scope

Q#4 Explanation:

Answer : C
The project manager’s change request was approved; therefore, the scope and schedule baselines should be updated. By doing so, future project performance is measured accurately.



– Q#5 The important elements of Delphi Technique are

(a)    Conflict resolution
(b)    Time and performance analysis
(c)    Anonymity and collecting opinion
(d)    Dissemination of information

Q#5 Explanation:

Answer : C
The anonymity and opinion collection of the process are the key factors In Delphi technique.



– Q#6 What should be the primary purpose of project team meetings?

(a)    Analyze existing problems within project and their solutions
(b)    Discuss project risks and risk control
(c)    Resolve conflicts among stakeholders
(d)    To know the latest status on the project

Q#6 Explanation:

Answer : B
95% of the project meetings should be better utilized for communicating Risks.



– Q#7 The Project Plan MUST

(a)    Be followed without deviation
(b)    Approved by all stakeholders
(c)    Formally documented and distributed as per the communication plan
(d)    Be made by the project manager

Q#7 Explanation:

Answer : C
Formally documented and distributed as per the communication plan) The plan can be progressively elaborated.



– Q#8 Project Integration is done by

(a)    Project Sponsor
(b)    Team Leader
(c)    Project Manager
(d)    Stakeholders

Q#8 Explanation:

Answer : C
The PMI emphasizes the project manager’s role as critical in the execution of the project. He is like the the Orchestra leader of the band and is responsible for all the integration related to project delivery.



– Q#9 One of your close associate within the team mentions that the team needs to discuss issues with a part of the project raising to possible delays in schedule. 

As a project manager, what is the BEST thing to do next?

(a)    Discuss issue with entire team and uncover any other hidden problems
(b)    Find out the root cause with the concerned team members and determine the impact on the project
(c)    Inform the HR and project sponsor about possible delays
(d)    Delegate the issue to the project leader to resolve and give feedback when required

Q#9 Explanation:

Answer : B
As a first step, need to figure out the root cause of the issue and its impact on the project before communicating with stakeholders.



– Q#10 What is the next step after approval of project scope

(a)    Hold project kick off meeting
(b)    Create product description
(c)    Create project control document
(d)    Create WBS ( Work Breakdown Structure)

Q#10 Explanation:

Answer : D
Creation of WBS follows the project scope approval as the actual work needs to start



– Q#11  A project charter need not always include

(a)    Project scope
(b)    Business need of the project
(c)    Scope management plan
(d)    Project sponsor

Q#11 Explanation:

Answer : C
A project charter at minimum should give high level depiction of the project scope, business need and also have somebody who is sponsoring it



– Q#12  You are recently hired as the project manager for a large construction project, as the previous manager had left the organization. You go through the project and are not able to understand the description of  a work package. Where would you find this information?

(a)    Project charter
(b)    PMO documents
(c)    Dictionary of the Work Break down Structure
(d)    Work Breakdown Structure list and its description

Q#12 Explanation:

Answer : C
All the descriptions of the work package are present in the WBS (Work Break down Structure) dictionary



– Q#13 In which process would you review and accept project deliverables

(a)    Validate Scope
(b)    Quality assurance
(c)    Project initiation
(d)    Control scope

Q#13 Explanation:

Answer : A
Validate scope is the process where customer is involved in the acceptance of the deliverables by the development team.



– Q#14 You are the project manager for a large construction project and you need to procure some materials for the construction. Your brother-in-law works as a sales manager of one of the leading suppliers in the country. he comes to know of this particular requirement and intends to bid for this project. What is the BEST thing for you to do.

(a)    Follow the normal bidding process and do not unnecessarily disclose the personal relationship of your relative with your senior management
(b)    Inform the senior management and request them to appoint any other project manager for this project
(c)    Resign from the project as it may harm your reputation
(d)    Inform senior management about the situation and follow their instructions

Q#14 Explanation:

Answer : D
You need to disclose the inform accurately to the senior management and follow their instructions on the next steps



– Q#15 You are the project manager for a large construction company and you wanted to update the senior management on the performance metrics which is being used to evaluate the suppliers of material. 

Where would you look to collect this information

(a)    Project management plan
(b)    Procurement management plan
(c)    Quality management plan
(d)    Contract documentation

Q#15 Explanation:

Answer : B
The procurement management plan is used to provide information related to purchase of good, services, and plan for the most efficient management of procurements.



– Q#16 The project’s final product which was developed should get the acceptance nod from which stakeholder

(a)    The project manager
(b)    The customer
(c)    The Quality manager
(d)    The sponsor

Q#16 Explanation:

Answer : B
The customer, who specifies the product requirements must ultimately be satisfied with the project deliverables. It is at this stage the project is formally completed.



– Q#17 You are the project manager for a large construction company and in the middle of the project you feel the need to outsource some part of the project. Which part of management does this scenario fall into?

(a)    Contract management
(b)    Outsourcing management
(c)    Bidding management
(d)    Procurement management

Q#17 Explanation:

Answer : D
Procurement management governs all activities relating to outsourcing.



– Q#18 What is most important activity of a project manager

(a)    Motivating the team
(b)    Interacting with the customers
(c)    Team building
(d)    Communication

Q#18 Explanation:

Answer : D
The good project manager spends 90% of his time on communication.



– Q#19 The leadership team of a reputed software development firm needs to promote a good project manager from its resource pool. They identified Sam  for the role. Sam is with the company for more than 5 years and is an excellent technical resource and most of his contributions as an individual are exemplary. He outshines every other employee in the programming domain however he is not that comfortable working as a part of a team as he feels he can deliver more when working independently as that helps him focus more on the tasks. If the leadership team promotes Sam as the project manager, what term best describes this situation

(a)    Maslow theory
(b)    Halo effect
(c)    Juran principle
(d)    Ouchi’s theory

Q#19 Explanation:

Answer : B
Project management requires specialized skills in addition to basic technical skills. However just being a technical expert does not guarantee to be a good project manager.



– Q#20 Who has the primary responsibility of resolving competing goals of various stakeholders in the project
(a) Project Sponsor
(b) Project Manager
(c) Contract Manager
(d) Quality Manger

Q#20 Explanation:

Answer : B
The project manager owns the project and is accountable for the success of the project. Hence he is the primary contact for all issues relating to the project.



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