Dr. Jimmie Flores

Month: May 2021

Turn up the Good!

During a men’s bible study session, a friend was telling a story about how he has developed a bad habit of looking for what is wrong in others. He finds himself constantly criticizing and complaining about what others are doing and not doing, and this habit is spilling over into his family life.

When he shared this story with the rest of the group, another member noted that he had done the same thing for many years, but had recently adopted a new approach to help him keep a positive perspective on life, and here’s the advice he shared …

The Power of Noticing

Recently, I was listening to a leadership podcast, and I learned about the Power of Noticing.

After a bit more research on the topic, here is what I captured about leaders who notice:

  • They seek additional information about the situation or scenario. 
  • They avoid making decisions solely on what they hear or recall from the past.
  • They are prepared to challenge the status quo, knowing that what worked in the past is no longer appropriate or viable.
  • They stay away from common biases that prevent an objective approach to decision-making.

The Illusion of Mastery

While listening to a Science podcast, I learned about the illusion of mastery.

In short, this is the term psychologists use when people perform a task or activity over and over until eventually, they wrongly believe they have mastered it. In essence, it’s having a false sense of confidence.

Finding my True North with the Certified Agile Leadership Course

After realizing the Covid pandemic was going to linger around longer than I first anticipated, I decided to make the most of it by pursuing professional development classes.

There were two areas where I wanted to improve my skills: (1) Leadership, and (2) Agility.

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