Dr. Jimmie Flores

Month: August 2022

Unresolved Baggage

While listening to a book on Audible recently, the author used a phrase when describing a situation faced by one of the characters.

He stated, “Mark’s life has been hell for far too long, and the big issue is that he has yet to deal with his unresolved baggage.”

Your Title is Not Your Personality

A few days ago, I jumped on our Peloton bike here at home and fired-up a 30-minute cycling and arms workout by Cody, one of the popular trainers. This session was intense but well worth it!

During these workouts, the trainers carry a conversation with the participants. I have yet to figure out how they are able to do this given that I’m out-of-breath throughout most of the training session.

Hard Work is Not a Prison Sentence

Our son Aaron recently completed a summer internship with the San Antonio Water System (SAWS), where he had the opportunity to learn about the risk issues faced by this organization, which serves the Bexar County area.

This was Aaron’s first employment opportunity, and the challenging first week prompted him to comment the following:

Life is Not a Test

Fr. Mark Dreves was recently assigned as our new pastor at Holy Spirit Catholic Church. We are fortunate he brings significant pastoral leadership skills to help us right the ship in the aftermath of Covid.

While serving as an usher during the Sunday 10 a.m. mass, I paused to listen to his homily, and these words resonated with me …

“He sent His Son to save us.

He sent His Son to lead us to right living.

He sent His Son to bring us to heaven.

Life is not a test.

God is not testing us.”

A Cold Blast of Reality

On a recent flight from Louisville to Houston, the captain announced a change in our flight plan. There was tough weather reported on the east side of Houston stretching clear across to Georgia. To avoid this inclement weather, United Airlines made the right decision to fly around it.

For passengers with a connecting flight, like me, this meant we would either have a tight window to make our next flight or rebooking to a later option would be necessary. This flight normally takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes, but on this Saturday, we were in the air a bit more than 3 hours.

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