Dr. Jimmie Flores

Month: June 2021

Avoid Hiring Only People You Like

Over the past 30 years, I’ve hired many people while working in different companies. Interestingly, other than preparing for interviews myself, I have never taken a formal course or workshop on hiring best practices.

Look for Opportunity to Show Acceptance

We recently visited our daughter, Kaitlin, in Houston. She is employed at the Marriott Marquis downtown, and we had the opportunity to explore this wonderful property. If you haven’t visited the Marquis, the Texas-shaped lazy river is a must, especially on a hot summer day.

Authority Does Not Mean Authoritarian

When speaking to a group of friends, one of them made a comment that resonated with me …

Authority does not mean you are an authoritarian.”

Like you, I’ve been in many situations where people in leadership positions look for opportunities to wield their power. They never run away from an opportunity to tell or show others they are in charge.

Doing Well Includes Doing Good

Our son, Aaron, recently graduated from Antonian College Preparatory, a Catholic high school here in San Antonio, and we were fortunate the commencement festivities took place as scheduled. In fact, the steady rain and intense lightning caused more modifications to the ceremony than the pandemic.

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