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Each Wednesday I send the Catalyst Newsletter to my subscribers. The goal of this newsletter is to provide action-oriented tips and advice to help you re-frame how you look at current situations, whether they are challenges or opportunities. There are times when we are stuck in a rut, and there seems no way of getting out of it. I will emphasize the value of having allies and appreciators that allow you to consider different perspectives. Once you put on a different set of lenses, you can see the possibilities instead of the limitations. There are also times when great things are happening in your life, and I will share with you how to make them even better.  

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The Catalyst Newsletter is designed to trigger your inner leader into action. There’s no doubt that saboteurs are out there wanting to slow you down, or to stop you in your tracks entirely. Instead, the content in the newsletter will highlight techniques that are designed to create momentum. This tenacious energy will help you overcome obstacles and get you on a path where you are in control of your personal life and career.