Dr. Jimmie Flores

Month: January 2022

Guilt is Good

Earlier today, I attended our men’s bible study program at Holy Spirit called That Man Is You. While discussing the topic of the week during our small table session, one participant proclaimed the following …
Guilt is good!”
He mentioned that when he is falling short of expectations in everyday life, he feels guilty. Thus, he uses guilt to re-focus and start doing what is right for his family and himself.

The Right Level of Confidence

On a recent flight, I downloaded a few videos to watch as I traveled to Costa Rica on business. One video featured a Mongolian-born singer who was going to appear on Britain’s Got Talent show.
This young man was interviewed prior to his performance and was asked if he thought he would be liked by the judges and audience, and his reply was quick and genuine …

Making Your Life Bigger Than You

While watching a news program, I heard a gentleman state the following:
The day I became a father, I knew I needed to make my life bigger than myself.”
As a father of four children, this comment had an impact on me.

At the Top When Complacency Strikes

I recently watched a YouTube video regarding the rise and fall of the Blackberry mobile device. For those of you too young to remember, the Blackberry was a cool device that sported a QWERTY keyboard. 
Back in 2003, I remember sitting on a Continental Airlines jet for a business trip, and I observed nearly every business traveler reading emails on the Blackberry.
Created by a Canadian-based Research in Motion (RIM), this smartphone was omnipresent in industry and government. Its notable advantage was the immediate access to email on the device.

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