Kool Derby

What do you bring to the table? What makes you unique? Once you get a chance to interview for a position that interests you, it’s important you mention what is important to the employer. In other words, avoid thinking about what matters to you.

Here are 10 comments that can help you receive the job offer:

  1. “I understand the requirements, and they make sense to me. From my experience, the details are important. You want to avoid having little issues escalate into big problems.”
  2. “We must have a long-term commitment to success. By focusing on small, but incremental steps, we can make significant progress.”
  3. “The goal is to get everyone on the same page. From a leadership perspective, this means that we all should follow the vision. However, vision is only part of the process. We must also have people who are prepared to do the tough work.”
  4. “Successful leaders are those who promote an environment that allows lively discussion. We must encourage someone to play the devil’s advocate role. It’s best to identify an underlying issue early in the process, and not when it can cause us significant harm.”
  5. “The 40-hour week has its place. However, the work is what matters most. There are times when we have to work into the evening, and weekend effort is essential at times. The bottom line is to meet the requirements.”
  6. “Even when the customer is wrong, we must listen to his explanation. In other words, we are in the business of identifying the misalignment, and providing guidance that helps the customer make the best decision.”
  7. “What makes me upset? I think that “upset” is not the word I would use. Like everyone else, I can get frustrated, but this feeling is temporary. When I recognize that a problem exists, I take a proactive approach. I need to find out what is causing the issue. Our employees expect someone who can remain calm and is focused solving the problem. Pointing fingers is counterproductive to getting things done.”
  8. “I do believe that teams are important to success, but working in a group is only part of the process. We must ensure that everyone is clear regarding expectations. The team needs resources to succeed. We should also ensure that obstacles are removed to help them succeed. I once had a manager who would go directly to other managers and ask for information that I needed to complete my annual budget. Strong leaders understand the importance of becoming involved at the right time.”
  9. “I have made mistakes in the past, and some bigger than others. I’m happy to report that I make fewer today, and this is mostly because I seek guidance before making tough decisions. When running things by others, I get a better idea of the situation and possible consequences.”
  10. “How do I define success? I think big picture. All of us should be aware of how what we do impacts the organization as a whole. In other words, each successful tech support call affects how customers view us. Similarly, when we improve a process, the bottom line gets better. As a manager, I make sure my employees have a clear understanding of the mission. Our actions must be aligned with the purpose of the company.”

These are more that just excellent interview comments. You need to focus on how you can bring value to the organization first. By doing so, you can also expect to meet your personal goals.