When I break my diet, you will usually find me at a Dairy Queen. The Oreo Cookie Blizzard is one of my favorites, and CalorieKing.com calculates that the medium serving has 680 calories. Wow!

A few weeks ago while on a road trip to my hometown of Uvalde, Texas, I decided to fuel-up in Hondo. Dairy Queens are popular in small towns, and Hondo is no exception. I was craving a Blizzard, and I decided to pass-up lunch so that I could enjoy this favorite ice cream treat.

While waiting in line to place my order, I heard two middle-aged ladies having a conversation that went something like this:

DEBRA: Hi, Jackie! I’m glad you were able to meet me here.

JACKIE: Hey, Debra! I had lots of work this morning, so I needed a break this afternoon.

DEBRA: How’s your boss doing? Does he still tell you that you’re “so pretty”?

JACKIE: Yeah … he knows I’m married, but I don’t really think that he cares.

DEBRA: Isn’t that called sexual harassment?

JACKIE: I’m not sure. I think that he’s just joking around. I guess he likes girls that are a little chubby because I’ve got some pounds to shed. The other girls tell me that he’s just that way.

DEBRA: What way is that?

JACKIE: He’s always saying nice things to them. I think he bought Jenny some flowers and chocolates for her birthday. For obvious reasons, she didn’t take them home.

DEBRA: I guess that’s a good idea. Brian might be concerned about who gave them to her.

JACKIE: I think it’s almost our turn to order. What are you going to have?

DEBRA: I’m not sure … but I’m sure hungry. I went to see my doctor the other day because I’m getting short-winded. I’m not sure what’s going on, but I get tired much quicker than in the past. I’m only 43 years old! I should still be in good shape.

JACKIE: I guess it happens to all of us. We start losing a step here-and-there.

DEBRA: I think that I’ve lost more than one step. By the time Friday rolls around, I’m nearly dead. My husband wants to do stuff around the house, go to the movies, or visit his parents, but I’m not up for it. I only want to sleep or sit on the couch and watch House Hunters International. I workout by walking to the kitchen to eat!

JACKIE: You’re too funny! What did your doctor recommend?

DEBRA: He said I needed to eat more dairy products. I guess it makes sense that we’re here at Dairy Queen. I think I’m going to order the Peanut Butter Bash! I thought about the Banana Split, but that’s probably overkill. I do have to work a few more hours today.

JACKIE: Yeah! You can’t fall asleep!

I’m unsure what value dairy products have on our diets, but I’m almost certain that Debra’s doctor fell short of recommending a Dairy Queen dessert. I think the recommendation was probably Skim Milk instead of Whole Milk. Regardless, Debra ordered here dairy treat and soon made it disappear.