Kool Derby

I was at the supermarket earlier today, and I overheard a father comment to his young daughter, who looked to be about 10-years-old, “I can’t believe the price of meat here! Forget it! We’ll go to the butcher and get it much cheaper.” I did not stop to look at the price of the steak he wanted to buy, but my guess is that he was concerned about paying a dollar or two more than what he would find at the butcher shop.

You’ve probably figured out that my point has little to do with the price of steak at the supermarket. I am writing here about a bigger topic. My goal is to provide a few ideas about how you can increase your earnings so that you don’t worry about a few dollars here and there for items that you need or desire.

Make a Plan

The probability of hitting a target in the dark is virtually zero. Why waste your time? Instead, make a plan today to determine how much money you want to earn. You must have a specific dollar amount in mind. Once that goal is clear, write it down. Assume that you wish to go from $50K per year today to $100K in annual earnings 12 months from now. You now have a clear dollar amount, and the deadline for when it will be met. Therefore, your earnings will go from $4,167 to $8,333 per month. When the amount is broken down by the month, it becomes more tangible and doable.

Do Something – Anything!

If you have a job that has a limit on salary increases, such as many government jobs, you will find it difficult to make the 100% increase in salary. Therefore, start thinking about where your strengths lie. Are you good at completing projects? If so, market those skills on social media networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You can also share your interest with colleagues. All you need is one or two opportunities to show your project management skills, and you will be in demand.

Look for Opportunities within Your Company

To make more money, you must assume more responsibility. There is no other way. I recommend volunteering for projects that affect the bottom line of your department and company. The manager or owner can easily justify an increase in your salary, even a big one, if you are generating more revenue for the company. In fact, they will not want to lose you, and you will have strong leverage when negotiating a new compensation structure.

Earning More Means Becoming Someone Different

The fact is that only 5% of the working population is going to accept this challenge. To earn more, you must get outside of your comfort zone. The ride will be far from smooth, especially in the beginning when you are facing new challenges. However, you will soon learn to manage these obstacles, and you will work with individuals who willingly share knowledge that helps you grow exponentially.

In a few years or so, you will have the time to enjoy as many barbeques as you wish.