Kool Derby

Successful people have developed good habits that make them more productive. In many cases, these activities are not flashy, but over the course of several weeks, the results are tremendous.

Experts believe that habits can be built in 30 days. In some cases, it takes a bit longer to become proficient with a task. The problem for many people is that good habits require making changes and sacrifices. Bad habits, on the other hand, need little to no investment in anything – you just do what comes easily.

Here are 12 habits of highly successful people:

  1. They are single-minded. Proficient men and women understand the importance of sticking with one task until it is complete.
  1. Avoid the petty stuff. When you are climbing the corporate ladder, you are too busy to worry about rumors.
  1. Determine the key requirements of the job, and make sure to exceed the expectations. They schedule a meeting with their manager to identify the key results areas (KRAs).
  1. Look for opportunities to praise others. Helping others succeed is an important leadership trait. You must avoid thinking that others will replace you.
  1. Develop the self-confidence to make high-level presentations. You must accept every opportunity to share your ideas. The first presentations are to your team, and later to your manager. As you improve this skills set, you are asked to make presentations to top management.
  1. Assume accountability, not just responsibility. Responsibility means that you focus only on your work, your piece of the pie. Accountable people ensure the components come together to deliver the overall benefits to the customer.
  1. Keep a calm and measured composure when under pressure. The fact is that mistakes will be made, whether by you or someone else on the team. Top-notch performers remain in control, and look for the most appropriate solution.
  1. Seek assistance from others when needed. Successful people understand they do not have all the answers, and they are willing to ask for help. You must be open to feedback from anyone in the company, regardless of his position or length of time in the organization.
  1. Show little concern for the day of the week or the time on the clock. The best employees of the organization are deliverables-oriented. They understand that working late or into the weekend are possibilities when critical work must be completed.
  1. Invest time in professional development. Low performers are constantly complaining about lack of time and the many other reasons they cannot pursue learning opportunities. Top producers, on the other hand, are even busier, but they find the time to invest in themselves. In some cases, a weekend seminar every few months is enough to keep them sharp.
  1. Develop the ability to share only what is important. Successful people avoid the fluff, and state precisely what they believe is the problem. They go a step further and share possible solutions.
  1. Successful people are excited about the new workday. They are prepared to tackle big challenges, and no longer consider work as “something I must do.” Instead, they are committed to providing more value to the customer.

By practicing the habits on this list, you can make big strides in a month or two. However, behind each habit is a mind change and a commitment to becoming a big thinker.

In essence, those who learn these habits will soon be hitting the ball with the major leaguers in the organization.