Kool Derby

In some cases, you need to walk away from a job offer. I understand that money can be tight, but assuming a job that you don’t like can cause more problems than it solves.

Here are 10 reasons to say “No” to a job offer:

1.When you interviewed, you felt some questions were answered vaguely, such as opportunities for growth. The hiring manager informed you that you will have your answers at the “right” time. You nod, but you are uneasy about the response.

2.During the lunch interview, you felt that management “coached” the invited participants how to act. They were going through the motions, and even felt scared to say anything that might scare you away.

3.The compensation package is different from the job advertisement. You are essentially applying for a position paying less. In addition, you are now told that the incentive plan is “under review,” and the decision will be made during the summer retreat.

4.You learn that moving up is far too difficult, and you might not qualify for several years, regardless of how well you perform. The promotion system is based largely on seniority, and many people have been here for ages. You are basically at the bottom of the totem pole.

5.The company has no processes or procedures. All the work is done ad hoc. While you can try to solve this issue, it will take too long, and getting buy-in is another story. In essence, everyone works his or her piece of the pie. You do your work, and they will do their work. It’s nearly impossible to work on cross-functional projects.

6.The work schedule is unpredictable. You might work 40 hours one week, and 70 the next. You are informed in the current week the number of hours required. In some cases, an announcement is made on Friday afternoon that full weekend work is required. The manager informs you that working the extra hours is important, and turning down these requests will “affect” your performance review.

7.You are informed that the professional development budget is non-existent. This gives you the feeling that the company is only interested in staying afloat, and not becoming competitive in the industry.

8.You have the feeling that you no one really cares if you take the job. If you turn it down, they will give it to the next “victim.”

9.During a private conversation with several employees, they warn you about the corporate culture. In fact, they are looking for a new job.

10.You have an inner voice telling you this is the wrong job for you. You need the money, but you know that you will be unhappy.

There are many more reasons to should turn down a job offer. The point here is to have a plan. Make sure you are making a smart career decision. Know where you want to go, and you will find a position that is right for you, even if you stay for just a short time before making a vertical move.