Now that our daughter Helena is on the dance team at Antonian Prep High School, I am doing more driving. For me, this means I need to download more audiobooks so I can stay entertained along the way.

I just completed a book based on the true story of a young lady who suffered abuse for many years. Her story resonated with me because despite having nearly everything against her, she is still holding herself accountable for the future.

Near the end of the book, she ponders her past and imagines how things would be different if her parents intervened … if law enforcement would have listened … and so on.

At age 24, it feels like she has lived a lifetime. Her energy and motivation increase as she considers her next move.

She explains, “From now on, I am entitled to my choices.”

The Problem with Looking Back

When teaching the Project Management class, we discuss the concept of risk. Here’s the question I often ask: “How risky is something that happened yesterday?”

The book answer to this question is that what took place in the past has ZERO risk. We cannot change what has already transpired. We can only deal with it. If the risk exposure generated negative consequences, we engage the proper mitigation tools.

The point here is that I need to worry less about the crazy stuff that happened in the past. The best I can do now is learn to deal with it in an effective and healthy manner.

Entitled to Choices

I am grateful when the Lord gives me the opportunity to have another day. I have learned that the more I simplify my life, the better results I get.

Keep things simple … faith, family, friends, and work.

With my priorities listed, my choices need to align with them. If my decisions run counter to my priorities, I can expect a life with more strain and turbulence.

Let me share some examples regarding choices …

  • I will lead my family in prayer whenever possible. I’ve learned from experience that a family who prays together is more likely to stay together.
  • I will work hand-in-hand with my wife to coordinate as many family events as possible, and we don’t have to wait for special occasions. We have a beautiful downtown area here in San Antonio, and when the weather is nice, we can take advantage of it.
  • My wife and I will schedule time to have lunch or dinner with friends. There are also plenty of opportunities for each of us to hang out with our respective friends.
  • Work is important but it is #4 on my list. The only thing I can say here is that when work was #1, my life was in shambles.

It’s beautiful to know that despite what has taken place in my past, I have the choice regarding the next move I will make moving forward.