About a week ago, my mother sent me a news article about an entrepreneur who was generating significant income with a creative business idea. I was busy when the link arrived embedded in a text message, but something told me I needed to read it.

After skimming through the short article, I realized I had read something similar in the past, perhaps even 5 years ago. This entrepreneur had created short lessons related to his musical talents and had packaged them in an easy-to-follow format. In essence, he shared his knowledge and years of experience in a way others could follow and, of course, he charged a fee for it.
Knowing is Revealed by Action

The article reminded me that I have ignored many ideas in the past. In some cases, I am intrigued and passionate about doing something, but my saboteur is hard at work telling me I should not do it.
For example, I’ve wanted to learn how to play the guitar for years, but my saboteur shouts the following at me: 

  • You are way too old to play the guitar!”
  • This is a tough instrument to play, and you lack the patience!”
  • You have better things to do with your time!”
  • You are going to spend countless hours learning how to play the guitar, and it will lead to nothing!” 

I finally stopped making excuses and told my saboteur to take a hike. After a lunch meeting with a colleague, I drove to a local guitar shop. I inquired about lessons and asked for guidance. The manager mentioned that they provide training for beginners like me and that older students often progress well.
In less than an hour, I signed up for monthly guitar lessons, and I also purchased my first guitar. To be transparent, I am a bit nervous about this new opportunity, but I am also happy about doing something outside of my comfort zone.
I will not know if guitar-playing is right for me until I decide to give it a try.  Even if I fall short of developing my artistic skills, I will be happy I took action.
It’s good I’m far beyond the point where I am embarrassed when things don’t go according to plan.
Listen for Opportunities

The best ideas often arrive in a subtle manner. I recall the time when I sensed my business was about to expand. We were still struggling to make ends meet, but I had this sixth sense telling me we needed to keep pressing ahead.
I had that quiet confidence knowing better days were coming soon. We’re thankful to God that the messages were right on point, and our business prospered.
An important point is that these messages only come to those who are doing something to make things happen. We can’t be on the sidelines merely hoping for success.
It’s time for me to grab my guitar and learn a new chord!