I am still having a tough time acknowledging that 2022 is right around the corner. Think about it … we’re just 8 years away from 2030!
When I was younger, I made it a habit to write down my New Year’s resolutions, and I took this activity very seriously. I remember using the SMART approach when creating these ambitious goals; that is, each resolution had to be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timebound.

Interestingly, the resolutions of year’s past no longer carry the same weight. Most of them, if not all, pertained to materialistic gain. I wanted to increase my income, travel more, purchase a luxury car, and so on.
Things are Changing
While career success is still important to me, it’s no longer how I define happiness.
Oh … don’t get me wrong, I’m committed to my work. I want to do my best, and I want to help my organization succeed.
This attitude of excellence will never change.
However, my priorities are changing, and I see my life from a different lens, one that is clearer and purer.
Faith, Family, and Work
I find that my life is healthier when I place faith first. My relationship to God must be strong and undeniable. For me, it is imperative to go beyond the cursory attendance of church services on Sundays.
I need to increase my level of engagement, such as through ministries. When I am involved in service-based activities and events, I am focused on helping others. This mindset is important to my spiritual growth.
With my faith first in line, I can now focus on becoming a better husband and a more engaged father. A few days ago, our whole family visited Six Flags Fiesta Texas for several hours. In the past, I found reasons not to accompany them. Today, I am the one who organizes these visits.
With faith and family set, work comes next. As I mentioned earlier, work is still an important aspect in my life. However, it must have its place in the pecking order.
I was recently offered a lucrative business opportunity that required extensive travel. As I brainstormed the position with my wife, it became evident I would be away from San Antonio for several months per year. Because I value my time with family, I decided to pass on the position. This no-go decision was easy to make when the whole picture of faith, family, and work came into focus.
Looking Forward
I recently visited a family member at a cemetery. Before reaching his grave on this foggy weekend morning, the writing on a tombstone caught my attention.
It read, “Going Home.”
When I read those words, I immediately felt peace for the individual. Home is such a beautiful place. For that person, going home meant heaven.
For me, I am still on this wonderful earth, and home means my family. There is peace and tranquility in our home. There is love, hope, and faith.
My home is a place where people love me and want to be with me, regardless of my flaws and mistakes of the past. My wife and children appreciate what I do for them, even the small stuff.
I have a feeling that 2022 will be a terrific year, especially because I define value today differently than in past years.
Happy New Year!