My wife and I recently spent a weekend in San Pedro, Belize, and it was a wonderful opportunity to get away from the big city and the many demands of everyday life.
Because of the Covid safety requirements, international air travel is somewhat difficult. Although we are both fully vaccinated, the Belize government still requires a negative Covid test to enter the country. The same holds true for re-entry into the United States.

We are somewhat spoiled in the U.S. because our Covid tests are either free or covered by medical insurance. However, my wife and I each had to pay $80 for the rapid test in Belize.  I’m ready for the world to get this pandemic under control.
Meeting Zane
On the last day before leaving San Pedro, my wife and I decided to jump onto our rented golf cart to do some last-minute souvenir shopping. There was a light rain but nothing that would prevent us from getting a few gifts for the kids.
As we made our way down the shopping district, a man yelled that my backpack was about to fall off the cart. I quickly pulled over near a plaza.
As I turned off the car, a young boy starts walking briskly over to us and says, “Sir, I know how to adjust the backseat so you can put your backpack in there.” In about 15 seconds, he had solved my problem, and my personal belonging was safely stowed.
I asked Zane his age, and he said, “Sir, I am 7-years-old.” He pointed to his mom who was seated at one end of the plaza. I made eye contact with her and waived.
I asked Zane what he was selling, and he quickly began describing the bracelets he was carrying. My wife found an interest in one of the pretty bracelets, and Zane informed me the cost was 5 Belize dollars.
For his quick work with the golf cart compartment and the bracelet, I paid Zane 20 USD. This is, of course, much more than the bracelet is worth, but I have a soft spot for kids with an entrepreneurial spirit.
He was gracious and said, “Sir, I’m going to take $10 and give $10 to my mother. Is that okay?”
Smart kid!
Closing the Sale
From my travels to other parts of the world, I have seen many young boys and girls selling a variety of items. In India, one young man learned several different languages so he could reach more tourists to increase his sales
However, Zane had a notable quality I have not seen in others. He was a genuinely nice boy who loved to engage in conversation. I was surprised he noticed my wedding band, and he asked, “Did your wife give you that ring … it’s so nice.” He also admired my wife’s wedding ring.
When it was time for us to continue to the souvenir shop, he said to my wife, “I would like to give you a hug.” As they embraced, I was reminded of the beauty and kindness this young man shared with us.
As I reflect on our trip to Belize, I have many wonderful memories but none more than the love and affection Zane shared with us during this unexpected encounter.