As I reflect on my past 30 years in the workforce, I realize positive changes only happened when I took bold action. The times I was passive, nothing happened. In fact, I probably took a few steps backwards from progress.  
At times, I was hoping good things would happen by playing it safe, but this was an exercise in futility.

Example: Doubling My Salary
Let me share a story that still surprises me today. Back in 1995, I was employed at a medical clinic in Houston, where I was earning $17 per hour, which equates to roughly $36,000 annually.
The compensation was okay … not too good and not too bad.
The problem was I had a growing family, and the pay was insufficient for our needs. Plus … Houston was increasingly becoming more expensive.
One day, I approached the business owner asking what it would take to increase my salary. I really meant to inquire how I could double it!  
He mentioned a contract with another healthcare organization that could potentially yield a windfall for our clinic if we were able to secure it. He asked if I was interested in spearheading that effort. If I succeeded in landing this contract, there was a good chance I would receive a handsome raise.
Without asking more about the contract and the parties involved, I said … “Of course! I will take it on!”
This turned out to be a tough assignment that required a ton of my time, including evenings and weekends for about 4 months. It worked out eventually and we were awarded the contract.
The business owner approached me, and said … “I would like to offer you $35 per hour moving forward! Deal?
I share this story with you not to boast about how I doubled my salary, but to show the value of taking bold steps. The risk was I could have stumbled and suffered embarrassment. However, the potential upside made this request an easy decision.
Show Interest
Even when we lack all the details about an opportunity, it’s important to show interest. In other words, avoid any response or body language that indicates you are not interested. It’s true that at times you might need to turn down an opportunity but think it through first.
It’s also valuable to ask friends, family, and colleagues what they think about the situation.
Something like this works: “I’ve shared with you the details about this opportunity. Please be candid with your feedback. I really want your objective opinion.”
Here’s the best advice I can share … After carefully considering trusted advice, ultimately you must make the final decision, even if it contradicts the opinions of others.
This is your game! You’re the player with the ball! The next move is yours!
Making bold decisions does not mean engaging in risky actions all the time. Yes … there is going to be some risk in what you decide to do, but that’s part of the game.
For those who think maintaining a status quo life is less risky, a rude awakening is on the horizon.
Doing nothing equates to hoping for the best … and hope is not a smart or viable strategy in today’s dynamic environment.