Learning and Networking at the Vienna CSP® Lounge


Held on October 28-30, 2019,

the Vienna, Austria Scrum Alliance Global Gathering provided an excellent opportunity to collaborate, learn, and network vein the popular Certified Scrum Professional (CSP)® Lounge. To earn the CSP credential, candidates must hold the Advanced Certified Scrum ProfessionalSM (ACSMSM) certification with Scrum Alliance, validate 24 months of work experience specific to the ScrumMaster role, and other key requirements.


Sharing Knowledge

There are three major sessions held in the CSP® Lounge: Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) Application Information Session, Coach Application Information Session, and Coach the Coach. The CSPs are committed to gaining additional knowledge, and many of them are interested in pursuing additional credentials (i.e., CST), as these accomplishments increases their impact in the Agile community.

A notable takeaway from the CSP® Lounge session is the commitment from the participants to share knowledge. While there are three formal sessions scheduled, much of the value is gained from the many informal sessions held, such as one-on-one discussions regarding career advancement opportunities.

Ravneet Kaur of San Francisco, and owner of Agile School, Inc., had the opportunity to get direct feedback regarding her Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) application from her reviewer. Kaur stated, “He shared exactly what I was missing on the application, and I have a better idea regarding the direction I need to go.” The CSP Lounge allows individuals to get in an environment that facilitates effective communication.


Volunteering Opportunities

I first became aware of the CSP® Lounge when Tanya Nascimento, Global Education Events Specialist, reached out to CSPs regarding their interest to volunteer at the Global Gathering held in Austin, Texas. Volunteers were asked to help other CSPs learn the purpose of value of the lounge. In addition, pictures are taken of the attendees and placed on a huge map based on which country the individual represents. For the Vienna event, Europe was well-represented.

Volunteering provides one the opportunity to get more involved in the gathering activities. We take the time to welcome the CSPs to the lounge and to create a positive networking and learning environment. To make things even better, food and beverages are provided. For those who volunteer, Scrum Education Units (SEUs)® are earned, which are used to renew Scrum Alliance certifications.

Thoughts from the CSP® Lounge Facilitator – Stefan Zumbraegel

The facilitator for the Vienna CSP lounge, Stefan Zumbraegel of Germany, reached out to the volunteers in advance, and scheduled them based on need and availability.

Zumbraegel stated that the lounge provides CSPs with the opportunity to connect in a quiet space away while attending a busy event. He noted, “The participants have a dedicated space to share information and knowledge with each other.”


The opportunity to mingle in a quiet space during a busy conference added value to the Vienna Scrum Alliance Global Gathering. By having this dedicated lounge, the participants can create more meaningful relationships that can advance their careers. Given the success of the CSP Lounge, Scrum Alliance will continue to provide this venue in the future. The next Global Gathering is scheduled for New York City on May 11-13, 2020.