Every now and then, I hear stories that are hard to believe. I’m quite inquisitive, and I keep asking questions to learn more about the unusual things that reach my ears. I remember speaking to an acquaintance who shared a unique way to “sneak” out of the house.

Here’s the conversation:

CRYSTAL: Hey, Jimmie! How are you doing?

ME: What’s going on, Crystal! How’s the Zumba stuff coming along?

CRYSTAL: I’m going at least four times per week, usually after work. Do you think it’s making a difference?

ME: Yeah … I believe it is. You are looking very fit. Heck, you probably need to start teaching it now.

CRYSTAL: You’re too nice. I think I’ll pass on that because I don’t have the time to become a “licensed instructor.”

ME: Hey! How’s your husband doing? Is he still working at Clear Vision?

CRYSTAL: He is … but he’s not too happy. They promoted him to manager or something like that, and he doesn’t like the “extra responsibility.”

ME: I suppose the extra stuff goes with the territory. If he doesn’t like it, he can do something else.

CRYSTAL: He works hard, but we are having a few “issues.”

ME: Really?

CRYSTAL: You know … it’s hard for me to be home on weekend nights. He just wants to sit around and watch TV. That’s not for me!

ME: How do you handle that situation?

CRYSTAL: Well, you’re not going to believe this, but I did something that was not very nice.

ME: What’s that?

CRYSTAL: Last Friday night, he decided that we had to have KFC. C’mon! I’m not going to eat fried chicken. Anyway, while he was out getting the food, I got a call from a friend asking if I wanted to have a drink with her. I told her that I was already home, but she was persistent. I said, “Why not?”

ME: Did you go?

CRYSTAL: Yeah! I quickly jumped into my car and took off! Within 10 minutes I was sitting down having a margarita with my friend. It was a good margarita! You know … I like it on the rocks with plenty of salt!

ME: What about your husband?

CRYSTAL: I called him from TGI Friday’s and told him that I decided against KFC. He wasn’t too happy with me, but I did invite him to come over. He was too mad to consider that option.

ME: I hope you finally made it home.

CRYSTAL: A couple other friends joined us, and we had a ton of laughs. It was fun, but I knew my husband would be quite upset with me when I got home.

ME: Was he?

CRYSTAL: That’s the understatement of the century! Century means 100 years, right?

ME: I think so.

CRYSTAL: I ended up having to promise never to do that stuff again. It was wrong, but for a couple hours I did have some awesome fun!

As crazy as this story might sound, I actually heard it from my acquaintance. I’ve shared it several times with friends, and no one seems to believe it. I did run into Crystal not long ago, and we both laughed even before saying a word. We both had the same story flashing through our minds at right about the same time.