My flight from NY LaGuardia to Denver was even better after receiving a complimentary upgrade to First Class. The 5:45 p.m. flight was on time, we would receive a hearty dinner, and I was looking forward to ordering a Chardonnay or two on this flight. These are perks of flying in the front cabin.

The only downside to this flight was that I had a window seat. I prefer an aisle because it’s easier for me to retrieve items from the overhead compartment and use the bathroom. It was the last seat in First Class, so beggars can’t be choosers, right?

The Pretty Flight Attendant

A few minutes after finding my seat, flight attendant Deborah asked for my drink choice. I responded: “White wine, please.” She thanked me for the order and walked away. A bit later, she returned with the wine, and said: “This will help you relax a bit.”

Deborah was a pretty woman, and she carried herself professionally. I found her more talkative than most flight attendants, but nothing too unusual. My guess was that she was in her early 40s, but I couldn’t really tell.

Guessing Her Age

After getting airborne, Deborah asked for drink orders and meal preferences. One male passenger (Rick) was flirting a bit with her, and the following conversation ensued:

RICK: You’re sure in a good mood tonight.

DEBORAH: Denver is my home, and I’m looking forward to spending a few days around the house.

RICK: I knew there had to be something. You were taking drink orders with a smile, and you have a hop to your step.

DEBORAH: I didn’t know someone my age could have a hop to her step.

RICK: You can’t be too old? I’m guessing late 30s, right?

[I’m sure Rick was taking a very conservative guess. She was definitely north of 40.]

DEBORAH: You’re sweet, but that’s not right.

[Deborah decided to involve about four men in guessing her age. Given my proximity to the conversation, I was included. Yikes!]

ME: You know … it’s tough for me to guess, but I say early 40s – very early!

[I needed to add “early” – sounds much better. One other man guessed mid-30s, which was obviously wrong. The last person picked 42.]

DEBORAH: I have to tell you that you are all wrong! I will turn 50 in June of this year. Can you believe it?

ME: Never would’ve guessed it.

[Safe comment!]

RICK: I still think you are 39.

[I guess this is his pick-up line – not sure!]

DEBORAH: You guys are so nice. I feel much better now!

While the conversation was jovial and entertaining, especially since most of us had a couple drinks down, it wasn’t necessary to play the age game, right? She was, after all, very attractive, despite her age.

Then again … perhaps we made her feel better by guessing a younger age. Come to think of it, she didn’t look anywhere close to 50. I suppose I need to stop worrying about the intent, and focus more on the fact that we all benefitted from this fun exercise.