Several years ago, I went to my annual medical physical, and after the routine procedures, I had a chance to chat with the doctor regarding my blood pressure, weight, and so on. Exercise has been part of my life since my days playing college baseball. It’s just something that I do nearly every day.

Controlling My Weight

After college, I gained more pounds than I wanted, and I was having a tough time getting rid of them. I even tried working out twice per day, and learned this plan failed to yield the intended results. The drawback was that I was even more tired at the end of the day, and I usually lost another hour or so of productive work.

I understand the issue of metabolism, but I also knew there people who could keep the weight off despite getting older. I wanted to know what they were doing to succeed. The annual physical gave me an opportunity to ask an expert regarding a plan that might work for me.

“Stop Eating Cheese!”

I asked the veteran doctor his advice regarding a meal plan that could improve my health, and simultaneously shed some unwanted pounds.

ME: “Dr. Keller, do you have any idea what I can do to lose weight?

KELLER: “Well, do you eat cheese?”

ME: “I guess I do. I’ve been known to eat a cheeseburger here and there. Does that count?

KELLER: “I do know that cheese can lead to weight gain. My recommendation is for you to cut back on cheese.”

ME: “Will that do the trick? I already workout, so will eating less cheese help me lose weight?”

KELLER: “I think it will lead to good results. Cheese can be bad for you.”

ME: “Okay! I will take note of the less cheese diet. Thank you.”

The Chubby Doctor

The fact is that I did not give up cheese. However, I don’t eat cheeseburgers very often anymore, but cheese is part of my diet.

A study by Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine found that overweight doctors were less likely to discuss obesity issues with patients. The researchers learned that overweight doctors usually refrain from providing weight loss advice to patients because they are failing to practice what they preach.

The fact was that I was only looking to lose about 10 lbs., and I did hesitate to ask the doctor his advice regarding my weight loss. I suppose my question was more specific to how a more fit body would improve my health.

The Answer

I eventually met my weight goal, and it wasn’t all that tough. As most people know, portion control is the key. Of course, it’s important to avoid the fatty foods, and it’s good that we have more health-conscious choices at the supermarket and restaurants. The rest is self-control, right?

Please understand that I am not a weight loss guru by any means. I do my share of reading on the subject, and try to implement what might work for me. I found it surprising, though, that I eat more cheese today that in the past, and it hasn’t added too many pounds to my body.