While on a Disney Cruise with my family, the cruise director was discussing the activities for the next day. Look … tomorrow we arrive at Costa Maya around 1 p.m., so that means that you don’t have to get up at Stupid O’clock! While I’m sure he’s used this line many times, it was still funny for the many vacations-goers that filled Walt Disney Lounge. I even chuckled!  

Stupid O’clock Has Its Benefits

I agree that getting up super early while on vacation is counterproductive to relaxing.  However, when back home and in the routine, there are notable benefits. Many years ago, I heard a motivational speaker stress the importance of an early start each day, and I’ve heeded that advice ever since.

Here are smart things to do early in the morning:

  • Get your workout done!

    For most of you, the day becomes complicated as it progresses. While you have a schedule, you can expect things to change, such as a new requirement that arises on a mission critical project. You might also have a child who becomes ill, which changes your plans for the rest of the day. I also lose interest in doing my workout late in the day. I prefer to spend my time with family, friends, and even catching a ballgame on TV. Can you imagine that?

  • Focus on professional development.

    A big secret to successful people is that they are up at Stupid O’clock working on professional development goals. In my case, I spend an hour or so reading-up on project management and technology topics. I do teach these topics for a living so preparation is essential. The early morning is also an excellent time to study for certification exams. I find it very difficult to set aside even a half-hour for professional development once the day begins, so doing this work before the sun rises works for me.

  • Do the first pass of your Inbox.

    After my workout, I make sure and review emails. Given that I have a tight schedule in the morning, the goal is to understand what is waiting for me before I arrive at the office. In some cases, I need to make phone calls regarding the emails I received overnight. Therefore, I will jot down the phone numbers and call during my commute to work. This is an excellent time-saving activity.

I’m writing this blog while sitting on the balcony of my stateroom. Through my headsets, I am listening to enchanting classical music, and I can still hear the waves caused by the moving cruise liner as it sails through the Western Caribbean. I did get up at Stupid O’clock to workout, but it’s around 10 a.m. now, and I found a little time to write this blog before enjoying the rest of the day with the family.

The problem with Stupid O’clock is that it’s different for everyone. For some, getting up at 9 a.m. might be stupid, while others might consider those who wake up at 9 a.m. stupid. I suppose it really doesn’t matter because we all have our unique schedules.

Thus, Stupid O’clock is probably just a saying that sounds right while on vacation. It did the trick!