While attending a meeting in downtown San Antonio, I had an interesting discussion with a lady in her mid-20s (Christy). I’m unsure why she was assigned as a participant to this meeting because she was too engaged with Facebook on her Dell laptop. Nonetheless, as soon as the break was called, she and I had the following conversation:

CHRISTY: It’s nice that we are on break now. I can’t believe they ran out of pastries. I’m so hungry!

ME: I noticed the food went pretty quick. I think they still have coffee and some juices.

CHRISTY: I’m not much of a coffee drinker, but I do like to eat. Ever since I graduated high school, I’ve been gaining weight. I think it’s probably more because of the travel that I do around the world.

ME: I guess we don’t eat that well when we’re on the run.

CHRISTY: I know I don’t! I travel to Hawaii nearly every couple of weeks. If not in Hawaii, I’m in Europe just touring. That’s not all … I just returned from Central America.

ME: Where did you go in Central America?

CHRISTY: We spent a few days in Argentina, and then went to Brazil.

[I’m unsure when Argentina and Brazil became part of Central America, but she was adamant about her knowledge of geography.]

ME: It’s great that you have the opportunity to travel to many fun destinations. Finding the time can be difficult for me.

CHRISTY: It’s not too difficult for me. My husband … well, my new one … makes $158,000 per year, so we have the money to spend.

ME: That’s pretty good. What kind of work does he do?

CHRISTY: He is some kind of engineer. I’m not exactly sure, though. I just know how much he makes.

ME: We have about five minutes left on the break, so let me grab some coffee.

CHRISTY: That sounds good. I know it’s only 10:45 in the morning, but I am already tired of this meeting. I have lunch plans with friends who are super rich, so I’m going to take off early. These are “friends” that I cannot stand up. They make a lot of money like we do, so I need to be there. That’s just the way it goes.

ME: Yeah? Where are you going for lunch?

CHRISTY: Don’t know yet, but I’m sure they will call me when I’m in my Mercedes and tell me where to meet them.

After Christy left the meeting, I had a quick discussion with one of her colleagues who heard part of the conversation. I learned that Christy made it a habit of embellishing her social status. In most cases, she completely made up the story, such as the Central America trip.

Over the years, I have met people who seek attention by telling us something they are not. However, Christy does take the cake. I have another meeting soon where she will be in attendance, and I’m excited to hear what is “new” in her life.