Kool Derby

Here is yet another cruise story.

One of my favorite activities while cruising is using the fitness room. On some ships, the sauna has a window facing the ocean. After a good workout, the view is relaxing and breathtaking.

The “Rain Forest”

On the Fantasy, the cost of the cruise allows access to the fitness room, showers, and a cramped sauna. On Day 3, and after my 40-minute run on the treadmill, I decided to relax in the sauna. In the men’s locker room, I quickly found the room, but noticed that two men were in there.

Confidently, I asked a worker if there was a steam room or sauna that was more spacious. He said, “Of course, sir. Please follow me.” We walked out of the men’s area, and across the hallway he opened the door to the Rain Forest. I thanked the employee, and decided to take a quick self-tour of the facilities.

In the Rain Forest, I found several selections of water, including one with slices lemons in it. I walked through a door that led to the outdoor tanning area. Later, I found the big sauna and quiet steam room. This was nice!

I spent about an hour or so relaxing in both of the hot rooms. I was a bit upset with myself that it took me several days to find the Rain Forest. The tasty water alone made it worth it. I also liked that this area was tranquil. Quite differently, the men’s locker room was busy and tiny.

The Rain Forest is NOT Free – Oops!

While having coffee later that morning, I struck a conversation with a couple from Atlanta. The man (Roger) owned a mechanic shop, and he told me that business was going well. He and his wife were having a terrific time.

I informed Roger that I visited the Rain Forest in the morning, and that it made my day.

ROGER: Yeah, my wife and I will go there later today. I guess it’s worth the $150 per person fee.

ME: What? Why did you pay $150? I walked right into the place this morning, and no one asked me to pay.

ROGER: Did you use your Disney card to get in?

ME: I think the employee opened the door for me, but I don’t remember. I might have followed someone into the room.

ROGER: You might want to try your card the next time, and see what happens.

I did try my card the next day, and no luck. Since I did not pay to access the Rain Forest, I was unable to gain entry. No fun!

I’ve discussed this story with family and friends, and I reinforced that my confidence made the difference. Since I was unaware of the fee, my attitude showed that I belonged. I was convinced that the facility was included in the price of the cruise.

The takeaway for me was that showing confidence can make a big difference in your day-to-day life. You might be short on skill, but having a can-do attitude might get you a seat at the table. When you know that failure is not option, you are more willing to take chances.