A few years ago, my work was simple. I was teaching at several online universities and hardly ever reviewed my Outlook calendar. I didn’t have many meetings, so there was no need to worry about what was on my schedule. This freedom afforded me the opportunity to travel in the States, abroad, and even cruise to the Caribbean and Alaska. I was a true digital nomad!

Today, my responsibilities are different, and I teach face-to-face classes. My seminars are taught at the corporate locations. In short, the digital nomad tag only partly applies to me. I still do much of my work remotely, but the core services I provide require my physical attendance.

Want Freedom? Consider a Demotion! Kinda!

For those of you interested in avoiding the office commute, and the eight hours required of you to earn your keep, consider a demotion. In the beginning, starting a digitally-driven career means leaving the guaranteed paycheck. However, on the plus side, you will have more freedom to do the work that interests you.

I recommend consulting opportunities. There are many companies looking for individuals who do specialized work. If you have a particular skill, such as grant writing, social media planning, and product development, you can probably develop an excellent client base. Focus on work that drives revenue for your client, and you will always be busy.

Before leaving your job, though, work on this effort part-time. In short, having a steady stream of income makes the transition smoother.