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How you handle your end of day can make a big difference in your overall performance. Unfortunately, many people start wrapping up their work activities about 30 minutes before quitting time. During that time, they are chatting with coworkers, surfing the web, or doing something else to creatively kill time.

The highly-productive employees in your organization take a different approach. Instead of wasting valuable time, they make sure the day’s work was done right, and they start preparing for tomorrow’s requirements. A half-hour can make a big difference in your productivity, but you must have a plan.

Here are three smart things you can do at the end of each day to become a top performer:

#1: Review your priority list for the day to determine what was completed, and what is left to do.

The most successful people in your company are constantly focused on performance metrics. By knowing the progress on key deliverables, they can determine what corrective action to take when necessary. If a resource is needed, an email or phone call today can line up that person for the work needed.

If you need assistance from your manager, make sure to stop by her desk. It’s imperative that you assume control, and avoid the “wait until tomorrow” attitude. You must be proactive, and understand that no one will come to your rescue when you’re running out of time.

#2: Respond to the important emails or phone calls.

If you promised a status update, make sure you provide it. Top performers are reliable, and they follow-through. It’s unprofessional to think that the other person can wait for your reply. If you agree on a deadline, make sure to meet it. Bottom line!

When going through your email, determine who needs a response today, and craft a message that provides the necessary information. You should avoid the following: “I was so busy today, but will get back with you tomorrow.” If you can get away with this response, there was no reason for you to make it a high priority.

#3: Review your tasks for the next work day, and prioritize what will get done first.

The most successful people in your organization are 100% clear on what they have to do. The next day, you might have only one item that must get done by close of business. If that is the case, create a small project plan, and determine what it will take for you to complete it.

Imagine if you could complete five small projects per week, one each day. The point here is that you stay focused on the important work. Before leaving for the day, make sure you have the resources assigned, funding available, approvals required, and so on. By initiating the planning process, you hit the ground running when you arrive to work.

Your workday should not come to a screeching halt. It’s imperative that you leave at least a half-hour to review your performance and to plan for the next day. In some cases, you will need to work a little overtime, but that extra effort will make a positive difference in your performance.

To become an excellent employee, you must take a different approach, which means that you can no longer leave your desk without knowing what tomorrow holds. Top-notch employees will consistently hit their targets, and that’s because they took an active role in creating the game plan.