Kool Derby

I’m working on a two-month project to develop an IT solution for a customer. When discussing the project with the sponsor, I was informed that a software engineer was pre-assigned as a core team member. The sponsor stated that Julie was a subject matter expert (SME), and that she was excellent at doing her work.

A week ago I called Julie to discuss her work on the project. It was great that she answered the phone on the first ring. Very few people answer the phone at all today; thus, it was refreshing to speak to human voice.

ME: Hi, Julie! David informed me that you are part of the IT Aviation Project.

JULIE: Yes. I’m excited to be on the project. I love working for David. He has a clear idea of the technical requirements, and I’ve worked for him on several big projects. David knows me well, and I know him pretty well. He and I developed a payroll system for a local hospital. I know what he likes, and he knows the quality of work that I do.

There are some folks that are easy to work for, and David is one of them. For the most part, he leaves you alone, and that works for me. I also don’t bother him much. He tells me the work that needs to get done, and I follow this little process sheet that I put together. It’s actually not a process sheet, but that’s what I call it. It’s more like a checklist. I think I need to get it a better name.

Anyway! I need to tell you that I’m going on vacation this summer to Peru. My husband and I are heading abroad for 9 days. I’m pretty sure that I will not have access too any email or anything for that matter. We’re going to Machu Picchu, and I doubt that they have Wi-Fi in that area. If they do, though, it will surprise me.

I know that you called to talk about the project. David mentioned I should expect to hear from you, but I didn’t think it would be today. You’re on top of stuff. I guess that’s why you were assigned to this project.

Do you know how to use MS Project? I took a class during college, but don’t remember much anymore. If you want, I can order you a copy that you can use, but there’s also a 90-day free trial online from Microsoft. You might want to try that first because you can start using it right now. You know how to download stuff from the web, right?

Again, glad that we’re working on this project together. What is the first thing that we need to do? Let me know ‘cause I’m ready to get going. David knows me well, and he knows I will get my work done.

You might be surprised that I shared just the first part of our conversation. I tried to interject, but I think she has a hearing issue because she talked right over me.

This will be an experience!