Ready! Aim! Fire! Fire! Fire!

Like nearly everyone else, I’ve heard that persistence is the key to success. You must develop a good plan, start working on it, and stick with it. You’ve heard that overcoming obstacles takes a committed approach. You must keep working the plan even when times get difficult.

While watching a YouTube of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, someone asked Jobs the keys to success. He talked about being passionate about the work you’re doing. You must have a clear vision, and you must persevere knowing that success is far from easy.

As Jobs continued, he said, “You know … you’ve gotta be a little crazy.” In the context of the conversation, he meant that making it big requires that one ignore all the rationale reasons why something will not work. The fact is that the reasons for falling short are apparent. You know why something cannot be done.

It’s Too Difficult

Launching a new product or service into the marketplace is tough. Before the iPhone, there was no iPhone. However, the technology was evolving, and the consumers were willing to take a chance on a device that gave them more control while on the run. Steve Jobs mentioned that the iPad was scheduled to be first on the market, but he soon realized that the iPhone has more immediate potential … and he was right.

People Will Talk Bad About Me

Being the topic of conversation is actually good. “Did you see what Jon is doing now?” “You know Marybeth has that crazy business idea!” “Ryan is flying to California to meet with an investor. He’s never home!”

You will find that many people speak negatively about those who are making waves. It’s the easy thing to do, and the undercurrent is usually envy. Notice the things that are said about those who are doing nothing: “Harry is having a tough time!” “Ginger has three kids, and it’s tough for her to find a job. Poor soul!” “Michael just lost his job. That’s not right!”

Think Crazy

Thinking crazy means that you look at the upside. While you might fail along the way, the goal is to keep trending up. The other point here is to stay in the corridor of opportunity. It’s important to keep meeting people who are doing innovative stuff. By staying engaged, you will soon have your chance.

When the chance arrives, you must be prepared. One saying goes, “When we are not prepared, the opportunity will make us look like a fool.” Therefore, you should develop the skills and knowledge base necessary to do well in your profession. While perfection is not required, competency is necessary.

The YouTube clip in which Steve Jobs discussed the “crazy” point was just a couple of minutes long, but message is enormous. If you are “normal,” you can expect “normal” results, which means that you are in the middle of the pack. However, when you are ready to create a tidal wave, a tsunami, it’s time to be crazy!