Kool Derby

Are you ready to make this year one of your best? What are you doing to prepare? Instead of limping into the New Year, take charge!. You know that a status quo approach will fail to help you realize your goals. To be something different, you must do something different.

We’ve all heard that the economy is tough, that’s it difficult to find work, and so on. While many people are indeed out of work, or underemployed, you have to take a different mindset. The opportunities exist for those willing to prepare, to take a few risks, and to look for creative ways to generate income.

#1: Determine your baseline.

Before making any career change, you must take inventory of where you are today. How do you measure success? If income is your measuring stick, how much money would you like to make this year? If you are looking for a new career, such as becoming an IT manager, a consultant for a global organization, or a high school biology instructor, you must start taking action to make that occupation a reality.

For many of you, freedom is important. You would like a better balance beterrn work and life. In that case, look for business opportunities that allow you to work on your schedule. Given the advancements in technology, excellent work can be done from anywhere and anytime.

#2: Get the education or training necessary.

For many occupations, especially those paying very well, you must have a specialized skills set. If you wish to manage projects, you may consider earning the Project Management Professional (PMP) credential offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI). Nearly every career offers a certification, and becoming certified gets you a seat at the table.

You should also seek part-time work in the career of your choosing. The goal here is to earn as much knowledge and training as you can before going full-time. This experience will help you learn the ins-and-outs of the industry, and provide you with terrific network opportunities.

#3: Take action.

The most successful people in our society are different in one important way – they decided to do something to change their environment. They have goals, to be sure, but it’s more than just wishful thinking. These men and women understand that career success largely depends on engaging in activities that incrementally move them toward goal realization.

It’s foolhardy to think that others will do the work for you, or will be there to motivate you. The big goals are only accomplished by your hard work, determination, and undeniable pursuit of excellence.

It’s time to build on the momentum you created in the past. To experience success, write down 10 big goals you wish to accomplish. Even if you meet just half of those goals, your career will improve, and probably more than you think.

Make the decision today that you are going to create your success plan, and align all your resources and energy to meet those goals. You understand that setbacks are part of the process. By staying focused on your long-term plans, you will overcome these obstacles, and you will soon create a career that provides value to your customers and, more importantly, meaning to your life.