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There was a time when people thought they would work for the same employer forever. Today, it’s unusual to hear someone say they plan to retire with the company for which they currently work. In fact, many people are applying for a new job within months of accepting an offer.

Backing Into a Job

A large number of people back into their jobs. In some cases, they were looking for anything that would generate an income stream. The pay was not great, and neither were the benefits, but the cash flow helped pay the mortgage. They promised themselves that they would not be in the position for long, but soon learned to like some aspect of the work.

After several years, you even qualify for a promotion or two, which came with raises. The money is still not great, but you fear the unknown, and you want to avoid starting over. Eventually, however, you are ready for a change, or you hear that cutbacks are coming soon, and you jump to a new employer, hoping things will be better.

Know When to Resign

Avoid the mentality of giving your job just one more year. If you are no longer happy where you work, it’s time to get going. The situation is not going to improve. In other words, you will not be happier next year. In fact, you will likely resent that you wasted another year.

Make sure to improve your qualifications. It’s essential that you develop the important skills in high demand today, such as leadership, speaking, technology, and critical thinking. Look for training opportunities both in-house and externally. You must be prepared when the opportunity arises.

Take a Proactive Role

Make sure to set a date when you plan to make the move. With this in mind, search for jobs that interest you. You are looking for meaningful and challenging work. Be careful not to base your decision solely on compensation. For many people today, a flexible work schedule is far more rewarding.

You should network as much as possible. The most coveted positions are not always advertised. Do whatever possible to interact with decision-makers. Avoid complaining about your current employer. No one wants to hear about how depressed you are with your work. Make it clear that you are looking for a new opportunity where you can make an impact. A professional and energetic attitude is more likely to open doors for you.

Don’t Look Back

Once you’ve done your homework, make the move and get off on the right foot. You will encounter challenges, to be sure. However, you will be prepared to overcome these obstacles because you are now on the right track.

To make the climb up the ladder, get yourself in a position in which you learn from your manager and other leaders within the organization. The top-notch people in any organization have excellent interpersonal skills and have developed the ability to make decisions the right way.

Resigning from a job is far better than being asked to leave. Either way, though, it’s much better to have a landing place of your choosing when it’s time to go.