Kool Derby

On a Monday morning a few weeks ago, I went to the local police department to file a report for a stolen item. The detective worked me into his schedule at 7:50 a.m., and I made it on time. I approached the counter, which separated the attending police officer and me with a glass.

Officer: How may I help you?

Me: I’m here to see Detective Davidson.

Officer: Does he know you’re coming?

Me: Yes.  I have an appointment at 7:50.

Officer: Gimme a second [He makes a phone call].

Me: Ok.

Officer: He’ll be out in a few. You can take a seat.

When Detective Davidson came out to visit with me, I could tell that Monday came too quick for him. He looked tired, and the lack of energy showed on his face.

Det. Davidson: Tell me again. What is your case about?

Me: The stolen laptop we discussed on the phone last week.

Det. Davidson: Ok. Let me go get the paperwork.

The detective returned about 10 minutes later with the paperwork, and I provided the documentation needed for the report.

As I walked out of the station, I reflected on the attitude I observed from the employees. While I might be wrong, it appeared that many of them were going through the motions. I understand it was Monday morning, and it takes a while to hit one’s stride.

However, you can’t wait for anything to jumpstart your day. You need to be in control. When you have a plan in place, the day of the week matters little. You can be productive on a Tuesday morning, and on a Friday night.

Here are 3 tips to being happy at your work:

#1: Do what motivates you.

Are you doing work that excites you? If not, start developing a plan to make it happen. Did you dream of becoming a university president, but today you are a high school principal? You are in the right line of work, but changes are required for your dream to become a reality.

#2: Stop thinking it’s impossible.

You’re not too old. It will not take forever. You will not fail. If a new career is truly important to you, the obstacles and challenges can be overcome. You need to get started. Once you have traction, it’s only a matter of time for you to get to the finish line.

#3: Associate with a positive circle of influence.

Your network of friends and colleagues is an important component to your success. You want to avoid those who can hold you back. When you find these people, make sure to disassociate from them as quickly as possible. People who are going places are more likely to help each other reach their respective goals.

The hour or so at the police station reinforced to me the importance of finding an occupation in which I am happy. Making a change will be difficult, but the payoff is worth it. You might need to make an investment in your education or in specific training, which means many long hours, but this commitment is part of the sacrifice necessary to find the occupation that is right for you.

Once you are happy at work, Mondays are of little concern to you. In fact, you might get to the point that you are excited to see Sunday night end, so that you can start doing the work you love bright and early on Monday morning.