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Everyone has friends at work, and they share confidential information with some of them. You might discuss a personal situation, or perhaps you share how unsatisfied you are with your boss. While I understand your workplace friendships are important, you must be careful with the information you share. Your friend has other friends, and before long your thoughts will circulate, oftentimes taking on a different form and meaning than you originally intended.

Here is a list of 12 things you need to keep to yourself:

  1. I’m only doing what is necessary to keep me on the payroll.
  2. Amanda does as little as possible. I have yet to figure out what she does around here. Why does she have to close the door to her office? She’s a big-time slacker!
  3. Why should I work any harder? The raise is standard, so it makes no difference.
  4. The next person in line to be promoted is a woman. I’m not a woman, so I will do only enough to look busy during this round of promotions.
  5. I’m going to “max-out” the tuition reimbursement for this year. I’m out of here next year. This place sucks!
  6. It’s obvious that good looks matter around here. If you are cute, you can go places. Why don’t they care about performance?
  7. I told IT that my computer was not working right. They did some stupid analysis, and the guy ordered me a new one. I told him I needed a MacBook, even though I really don’t. I’m using it mainly for personal stuff. It’s cool!
  8. I had a few drinks with my manager John. I think he and his wife are having some problems – “splitsville” – from what I hear. I will bring up the subject at the company party. A few drinks will get him talking. I will make sure to give you the latest scoop!
  9. I filed an FMLA case the other day. My son is going through some routine checkups – nothing serious. The doctor is a friend and I will ask him to sign the paperwork. I need a month away from here without the risk of losing my job
  10. I like having Fridays off because my wife and I do personal stuff on that day. I asked my boss if I could make up the day on Saturday, and he agreed. What he doesn’t know is that I spend the whole day working on personal stuff. Heck! There are only three of us here, and we all mess around.
  11. I decided that I will do zero work when my boss leaves early on Friday. She takes off at noon, and we are stuck here at work. It’s not fair! It will be fun Facebooking during company time!
  12. Here is something crazy! I worked even less this year, and the quality of the work was not too great. Guess what, though? My raise was bigger than last year. I think I have the system figured out!

You should be careful about using company time and resources for personal use. Regardless of the situation, it is important to keep quiet regarding your negative feelings toward the company, and you should avoid circulating rumors.
We all get overwhelmed with work sometimes. When you are no longer happy or challenged, it’s time to look for employment elsewhere. Avoid wasting years of your life working somewhere that is no longer a right fit for you.