A few weeks ago, my wife and I purchased two tickets to a Holy Spirit Knights of Columbus dinner and wine event scheduled for a Saturday night in mid-October. This event serves a great purpose, as all the proceeds help other ministries, charities, and even provide scholarships.

After buying the tickets online, I realized this was going to be the last weekend in October we could spend as a family, as my wife and I are leading the LOVESTRONG Marriage retreat at St. Matthew’s Catholic Church, and the next day she is heading to Venezuela to visit her parents.


After speaking with my wife about the dilemma, we quickly agreed to give our dinner and wine tickets to seminarians. We heard from friends that they appreciate these opportunities because it gives them a chance to engage with our parish, Holy Spirit.

Now that we had this one Saturday available, we knew the game plan. It has become a tradition for us to attend Fright Fest at Fiesta Texas here in San Antonio. Our season pass tickets allow us access to the park, but we must purchase separate tickets to walk through the various haunted houses.

For our first year at Fright Fest, we bought the general admission tickets.

Not a good idea!

The lines, especially on a Saturday night, can easily be more than an hour or more for each house. Therefore, we now purchase the Haunted House Express tickets, which are a little pricey, but they are worth it. For example, even on the busiest of evenings, we can experience all four spooky houses in less than an hour.


Once we entered the park, we made our way to the Fright Fest check-in where we verified our express pass to the attendant, and he promptly gave us the wristbands for the priority lines.

As we exited Slaughterhouse 6 Xtreme – The Butchering, which was not that scary, I observed that my wristband was no longer attached. It had fallen!

I quickly informed the worker, and he mentioned that I should go to the Fright Fest booth.

I went to the booth, and noticed the line was super long! I tried to communicate with the attendant to inform her of my situation, and the other folks were upset because I was cutting in line.

I heard … “The line is over here!” “Get in line!”

Yes … technically, I was cutting in line, but this was an unusual situation. I had already done the line thing. I just needed an exception to the rule because my wristband was no longer attached.  


I walked back to the haunted house where the mishap took place, and I shared my situation with a young lady.

She quickly said, “Sir … I can help you. Please follow me. Can I see the receipt on your phone?”

She escorted me to the building handling customer service issues, and she explained the situation to the representative. Yes … the line was long here, too!

However, in just 3 minutes, Priscilla had secured a new wristband to access the remaining haunted houses with my family.

I share this story because Priscilla provided an intimate customer experience amid the chaos of a super busy night at Fiesta Texas. She was friendly, calm, and aware of the circumstances.

As a family, we were able to continue this tradition, and it was made even better by a young lady who focused on making the customer happy.